Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Why does Rush Limbaugh Need Obama not to be Black?

This man should have his voice surgically removed. Conservative radio shock-jock Rush Limbaugh lamented over media coverage of Barack Obama as an African American, because, according to him, Obama's lineage is Arab, not African.

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Aside from the absurdity of claiming that an American born U.S. citizen of African heritage is wrong for self-identifying as an African American, Limbaugh is particular offensive just for the fact that he believes there is such a thing as "African blood" or "Arab blood."

Does he also believe that any white person with "a drop of black blood" is not white because their purity has been compromised? If he believes that there is such a thing as "African blood" or "Arab blood" does he also believe that people of different races are inherently and biologically different? And, why has he shown such a preoccupation with this issue? Remember it was Limbaugh who branded Obama and Oscar-winning actress Halley Berry as "halfricans," a reference to their multi-racial backgrounds. Why does Rush Limbaugh need Obama not to be black?

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