Saturday, September 6, 2008

Palin's Racist Comments

I'm posting this, even thought I'm not sure it's true, because I think it needs to be investigated further, yet I see it nowhere. I can not stress enough how important it is to consider the source of this maybe-news. I am not saying that the following story is true, only that it should be taken seriously, and it's validity should be investigated. If it turns out to be true, I can only hope that it will be treated with the seriousness it deserves.

Also, be forewarned that this post contains language that some may find objectionable. I've decided to post it as I found it.

According to, a name which made me suspicious from the start, Governor Sara Palin uttered the following in response to Senator Barack Obama winning the Democratic presidential nomination:

So Sambo beat the bitch!
The article by Charley James then goes on to explain the source of the information:
According to Lucille, the waitress serving her table at the time and who asked that her last name not be used, Gov. Palin was eating lunch with five or six people when the subject of the Democrat’s primary battle came up. The governor, seemingly not caring that people at nearby tables would likely hear her, uttered the slur and then laughed loudly as her meal mates joined in appreciatively.
This is disturbing, yet at the same time a little questionable, considering that it's from one source and only her first name is mentioned. However, James goes on to cite another account of Palin's racist attitude:
"She’s a bigot, a racist, and a liar," is the more blunt assessment of Arnold Gerstheimer who lived in Alaska until two years ago and is now a businessman in Idaho.

"Juneau is a small town; everybody knows everyone else," he adds. "These stories about what she calls blacks and Eskimos, well, anyone not white and good looking actually, were around long before she became a glint in John McCain’s rheumy eyes. Why do I know they’re true? Because everyone who isn’t aboriginal or Indian in Alaska talks that way."

Now, I must say, while I had questions about the source of all this information, I realy wasn't supprised at all. After witnessing the condicending tone of Palin and other speakers at the Republican National Convenition this week, It's hard for news of racism on the part of any of them to be shocking. It's one thing to criticize your opponite and talk about why he or she is wrong. It's another thing to belittle, mock, and distort his record, showing an utter lack of respect. To me, it sounded as if the speakers this week felt that Obama didn't diserve to play polictics on their level. That he had no buisness running for president. That he didn't know his place.

Yes, it even sounded as if they were calling him "uppity." In fact, this week a Republican congressman, Lynn Westmoreland, did call Obama just that. So, maybe, finally, people will wake up to the racist code language that has been used against Obama for the past year and a half, and maybe, just maybe, America will do something out of character and refuse to accept the politics of hatred and fear.

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