Monday, September 8, 2008

Chris Matthews Calls GOP on Racial Tactics

It seems that finally someone in the mainstream media is almost as fed up as me with the racial/cultural tactics being employed by the Republican party and their blatantly hypocritical promotion of their empty-suit vice presidential nominee and their "change you can't believe in" presidential nominee.

Today on Hardball, Chris Matthews (who may have decided to just let loose and be open after being booted from special event election coverage) ripped into Republicans, stating the obvious:

  1. The Republicans have no desire to campaign on the issues
  2. Their selection of a rural female for VP was an appeal not to America's brains, but to it's hate and fear of "the other"
  3. The selection of Palin, the mocking of the term "community organizer," and other ridiculous actions are really attempts to use "dog whistles" to racialize the election - and it's working.
Here's the clip:

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