Monday, September 22, 2008

He Has No Substance Besides His Substance

I recently read this about a Democratic ward leader from Northeast Philadelphia:

Bednarek was a Hillary Clinton delegate to the Democratic convention, and Clinton overwhelmingly won her ward in the April primary.

"I supported Hillary because she had specific ideas and plans, and they were all on her Web site," Bednarek said. "Obama tends to be more abstract."

Asked if she'd visited Obama's Web site, Bednarek said, "Not really, not lately."

Tell me how that makes any sense. He has no specifics on his website, but I haven't viewed his website. This is a person - a Democratic leader - who isn't yet planning to vote for Obama BASED ON A LIE!

The Republicans have been successful in convincing people that Obama has no real substance behind his rhetoric. However, anyone with internet access and who knows how to use a computer can disprove that in a few minutes. So why do Democrats still believe the lie?

Is it possible that being black makes it easier for people to lie about you?

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