Thursday, August 28, 2008

No Win With Fox

Apparently, being successful it not a quality we want in our president and first lady.
I stumbled upon this video on Blog Obama '08.

Now, aside from the general disgustingness throughout (mainly from FOX "news," although I think Keith Olbermann was a little over-excited), the part that stands out to me is that one of FOX's commentators took a cheap shot at the Obamas' elitism based on the colleges they attended (Columbia, Princeton, and Harvard Law).

Let me get this straight. FOX, a "news" outfit that routinely sides with the right wing, the branch of politics that often justifies inequality be claiming blacks need to work harder to be more successful is calling Barack and Michelle Obama elitist for working hard to be successful. Do they realize that the Obamas had to take out student loans to go to school, and were still paying those loans not so long ago? That's not out of touch and that's not elitist, that's real life.

Being a young black man that goes into more and more debt each year in order to be a student (at what I believe is America's leading public university), I'm glad that at least on presidential candidate understands the struggle of paying for school. I'm also glad that at least one candidate understands the new set of criticisms and struggles that come with being black and achieving something positive. It's as if doing right or doing wrong doesn't matter, we get punished anyway.

I think we can chalk this one up as just another example of why FOX news should not be considered a legitimate news source. It's one thing to be conservative. It's a whole other thing to spit in the face of reality and reason in order to achieve partisan goals. That's not journalism; that's a propaganda machine.

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