Friday, August 22, 2008

Is It "Bayh, Bayh, Veepstakes"

So, does this mean that it's safe to assume, pre-text message, that Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana is going to be Obama's VP? A TV station in Kansas City found out that these bumper stickers were being made. This could be the unexpected leak in the lead up to the announcement. It's not really an exciting pick after all the build-up, but it is surprising for me. I expected Deleware Senator Joe Biden or Virginia Governor Tim Kaine. I even feared the Senator Hillary Clinton would be more likely to get the nod than Bayh. Somehow, the graphics on this sticker just don't look like something Obama would use, but we'll see. The fonts are the ones that he uses on campaign materials, they just never look like this when it's all put together. Also, spell check recognizes the last names of neither of these two men. Click here to read the story.

UPDATE (at about 9:20): My Internet goes out, and when it comes back, MSNBC reports that Bayh and Kaine are out - the were called and told they lost. The report also states that our friends in Chicago had stickers with various names made up (boy, they're smart)

Still listed as possibilities by MSNBC: Biden, Clinton, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, Texas Representative Chet Edwards (last name might not be a good idea right now), and, as an almost impssible stretch, Republican Senator Chuck Hagel. We'll se

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