Saturday, May 24, 2008

Obama's losing voters.

Barack Obama is facing lingering problems winning the support of white voters--including some in his own party.

That's according to a NEWSWEEK article titled The White Stuff which examines an extensive poll that digs deep into the way race impacts presidential preference. Here's the part that I found most interesting:

"Obama's race may well explain his difficulty in winning over white voters. In the NEWSWEEK Poll, participants were asked to answer questions on a variety of race-related topics including racial preferences, interracial marriage, attitudes toward social welfare and general attitudes toward African-Americans. Respondents were grouped according to their answers on a "Racial Resentment Index." Among white Democrats with a low Racial Resentment Index rating, Obama beat McCain in a hypothetical match-up 78 percent to 17 percent. That is virtually identical to Clinton's margin in the category, 79 percent to 13 percent. But among white Democrats with high scores on the Racial Resentment Index, the picture was very different: Obama led McCain by only 18 points (51 to 33) while Clinton maintained a much larger 59-point lead (78 to 18).

Who exactly are these high Racial Resentment Index voters? A majority, 61 percent, have less than a four-year college education, many are older (44 percent were over the age of 60 compared to just 18 percent under the age of 40) and nearly half (46 percent) live in the South."
In the entire article, the word "racism" is not mentioned once. Looks like Gwen Ifill was on point.

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