Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Growing up, I was always taught that three things would never happen. Well, we're now two for three:

#1: The American economy won't crash because regulations put in place in th 1930s during the Great Depression by Franklin Roosevelt would prevent it.
Well, while we're not near the devastation of the great depression - yet - we're inching closer, and we're facing possibly the worst financial crisis since the '30s due to deregulation. What, again, was the point of American History class?

#2: Philadelphia major pro sports teams don't win championships. Period.
Well, the Phillies just won. It took them three days to play the last game, but they won. Does that mean we can replace "Joe the Plumber" with "Ryan the Champion"? I mean, for variety's sake.

And then there's #3 - A black man can't become president.


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