Sunday, October 5, 2008

Even Little Kids Know We're Racist

A new study shows that children are well aware that we have never had an African American, Latino, or female president.

Calling into question the idea children live in a color- and gender-blind world, researchers at the University of Texas, Austin, reveal "most elementary-school-aged children are aware there has been no female, African-American, or Hispanic President."
What's even scarier is the way they children explain this phenomenon:

A third of the children said the white male monopoly was due to "racial and gender bias," and another third believed members of the excluded groups "lacked the skills to hold the position," according to the study.

One in four participants told researchers they thought it was "illegal for women and minorities to hold the office of president."

So, let's review. 1/3 of children believe that only white men are skilled enough to be president. 1/4 believe that the law prevents women and minorities from being president.

No wonder kids are lazy. They're already being told they can't achieve, even if they try hard.


qwerty123 said...

This study is really disturbing. It's stuff like this that fries me up when I hear people say we live in a post-racial, post-feminist society. Ridiculous.

"No wonder kids are lazy. They're already being told they can't achieve, even if they try hard."

Or, if they're white male kids, they're being told that they can achieve without having to try hard.
Actually, I think that may be more the case. For example, women of all colors are outpacing men as college graduates. Their being able to get commensurate jobs after graduating is another story however. I don't know the stats on men of color and college, but I'm guessing those number have gone up too.

IMO, privilege makes the people who have it lazy and stupid, not the people who don't.

I like your blog, btw. Found it through Shakesville.

Kevin Lockett said...

Actually, there are very few black men in America's colleges and universities. There are more black men in jail than in college.

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