Monday, April 13, 2009

Speak For Yourself: Buchanan thinks more Latinos bad for US

Is Pat Buchanan racist? Is he a xenophobe who wants only whites to live in the United States? Well, there are lots of clips I could show you to let him answer that question for himself, but I'll post this more recent exchange with MSNBC's Andrea Mitchel.

Pat Buchanan, speak for yourself:

So, Buchanan sees a rising Latino population as a threat to the United States? Well, that's what he just said, isn't it? Not surprising, considering his earlier statements (I just can't help but post them):

I could probably make too many comments on this just for one post. But I must say that I am appalled by the notion that Buchanan thinks in order for the US to be successful as a nation, we must all, essentially, become white. It seems to me that he's saying we must all be assimilated into "traditional American" culture, which, let's face it, means White Anglo-Saxon Protestant culture, a culture that has traditional accepted white male dominance. He openly hopes to return to earlier periods in our history, when immigration quotas favored western Europeans and essentially blocked Asians from coming to the United States. He sees a growing Latino population as a threat to our way of life. He referred to the 1960s as a time when cultural changes ruined our nation's culture. By the way, such changes included letting black people vote, letting brown people come to the United States, and treating women like children. They also included a shift in academics in which non-white people were actually taught about themselves in school, and actually learned that not everything good that was done in history was done by white people. People also started talking about oppressive things done to non-whites in history, such as slavery, colonization, and continued racism. Oh, the horrors.

Buchanan is very explicit in his argument that we must keep America white. My only question is, why is he still so respected? Trust that I'll have more to say on this in the coming days and weeks.


Macon D said...

Buchanan is very explicit in his argument that we must keep America white. My only question is, why is he still so respected?

You're thinking too hard! Too hard to be a part of his target audience, that is. He appeals to those who don't think through these things, and those who want simple answers that seem to satisfy their embittered, embattled emotions. There's money to made in that! He and his ilk no how to milk that rotten cow.

rockync said...

While I can agree that immigrants entering our country need to be assimulated (for their safety and comfort), after that there is nothing Buchanan says that makes any sense at all.
The reason some immigrants aren't assimulating is, 1) they might be here illegally and so avoid contact with others and/or 2) they recognize the open hostility within their community and so close ranks.
If we work with Mexico to improve living and working conditions in Mexico, we will reduce the number of residents who want to emmigrate to the US. If we welcome and embrace our new arrivals, "show them the ropes" so to speak, then we will have assimulated citizens.
Why can't state and federal entities set up language classes and citizenship classes in areas heavily populated by immigrants?
And the idea that they should be "forced" into some kind of "American" mold is appalling.
We should all be proud of our various cultures, speak our languages at home and celebrate our traditions and share them with others.
The rich fabric from which our colorful American quilt is assembled does not come out of one big pot of pureed goop.
The Great American Melting Pot is better defined as a rich, savory stew where all the parts are identifiable but they share a common bond that makes it all work.
That is MY America.

Kevin Lockett said...

Macon D, I agree. I just think it's sad that we find it so easy to label a Jeremiah Wright or an Eric Holder as racist, but no one is really out there taking Buchanan to task.

Rockync, I agree with everything you said except for the idea that assimilation is a good thing. Growing up, I always feared, and still do, that some people's idea of equality is "yes, black people are equally capable of learning how to be good and white, too." I don't understand why non-whites should be compelled to assimilate into an essentially western European influenced default culture.

rockync said...

Kevin, assimilation has its place in any culture. I could not go to live in the heart of Africa or India or China and expect to remain insulated from that culture. In order to survive and enjoy a social life, I would have to learn the language and the customs as well as change my eating habits somewhat.
The US IS basically a western European influenced culture. I dare say if you were to be totally honest, you would see in yourself that culture, having probably come from generations of Americans.
It is not about being good white folks or good black folks.
It is about sharing a common ground that defines us as Americans. As a nation we need a commonality to strengthen and bind us together.
If we can't understand each other, if we can't share any aspect of our lives what are we but another Babel?
Assimilation does not mean the destruction of individuality or ethnic identity. My roots are very decidedly Eastern European. My parents both have accents but the first thing they did was learn to speak English - to survive! As children we learned their language and they brought into our home their culture and traditions, but always my father insisted, we speak English, we are Americans now.