Monday, March 2, 2009

The Left Can Be Racist, Too

I don't like Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. Can't stand him. His speech last week - I couldn't decide if I was annoyed, horrified, or amused it was so horrible. But none of that excuses this.

We have to stop this. How can those of us on the left combat racism if we participate in it. There are about 197,298,200,912 things to make fun of Bobby Jindal for that aren't racist. Let's stick to those.


rockync said...

The real shame is that here we are in the 21st century and we are still using the word RACE like a four letter word!
Race is a word that continues to divide us and should be dropped from our vocabulary. It makes us sound like we all come from different planets.
While we may look different and sound different and come from different ETHNIC backgrounds, we are ALL part of the same race, namely the HUMAN RACE. If we could just get over this hill...


This looks like it could become a very interesting and successful blog. I hope you stay with it Kevin. I also hope you don't mind me dropping by to challenge you from time to time. I wish you success.