Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mounting a Comback

After being gone for far too long, I'm glad to be back posting on LineCrosser 21. Where was I? Well, let's just say I've been busy, but that recently I've been so inspired to write that I've decided to carve out at least a few hours each week to let you all into my head.

What can you expect from LC21 version 2.0 (or is this 3.0?)? Well, hopefully not more double question marks. I hate that. In the short term, I'm looking at new AG Eric Holder's comments contending that we're a nation of "cowards" when it comes to the issue of race. Also expect some thoughts on how having a black president impacts race relations.

In the long term, expect shorter but more frequent post, with, of course, the occasional rant. Hopefully increased and more consistent visitors will lead to some colorful comments and lively commentary.

So, be sure to check back frequently, and be sure to tell your friends that LC21 is back!

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